Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cavalry 2: The horses

Here is a comparison of four horses:

Left to right: Gripping Beast old, Gripping Beast new, Crusader normal, Crusader armoured.

The new GB horse is a little larger than the old one but still looks very small with its huge new rider. The Crusader horses are much larger, although the fully barded horse is smaller than the normal one. The saddle on the Crusader barded horse looks too high for where its back should be.

This picture shows a Crusader rider and mount (left) next to a Gripping Beast one (right).

The riders are, in fact, similar in size (see below) but the difference in horse size makes the Crusader figure as a whole seem much larger.

All in all, not very satisfactory but on balance I think I will go with the Crusader cavalry and the gripping beast infantry.

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