Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to Byzantines

I haven't posted anything here for nearly eighteen months and haven't painted anything for even longer than that but, when looking at the Crusader Publishing site yesterday, I noted that they are planning to do some Byzantine Allies in the future. I like what Mark Sims is doing with the Punic Wars; turning out enough packs of what most people think of as subsidiary nations to actually form an army and hope that he will take the same approach with Byzantines.

So I went straight home and got out my pack of Crusader unarmoured Byzantine archers, which I had already based and undercoated. A couple of hours and I had all the base colours down. This morning I added the sand to the base ready to paint the base this evening or tomorrow (as I am out to dinner!). Some of the Crusader figures, these included, are rather small for 28s and certainly they are tiny next to the Gripping Beast ones (see two posts ago) but they are really easy and quick to paint (unlike GB) and I know that they look much better painted. I should really be going for GB as their figures are more detailed but they changed scales half way through the range which was really annoying. Also Crusader do nice Normans, Spanish and Vikings which can be used as Normans in Italy.

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Giles said...

As wee discussed before Christmas, I agree that on balance the Crusader figures are a better option than GB. Which is a sham, as GB do some fantastic sculpts and have a larger range. I wonder how the cavalry look together - probably fine if you don't mix the two ranges in the same unit. I have a couple of GB cataphract units I must paint up some time.